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No interruptions, stereos pumping from the dungeon
Comin’ live from Flatbush Junction and making it hard to function
Breaking down your sound systems and governmental corruption
So, step aside pumpkin quit jumping to assumptions
The illest cats to ever rap, we’re spittin’ crackle heeps and craps
Salvations? Ain’t anythin’. I make that cord kord chord Capital Steez - Vibe Ratings lyrics kunci gitar up for simple tracks
Can you resist the fact that we’re about to bring it back?
Then spring in action, right until your motherfuckin’ pencils crack
Shit, I’m here all night, I wanna hear it, then embarrass you, here on sight
And don’t expect to be saved without a hero in sight
Cause my microphone is hotter than a heroin pipe
Something like the finest piff, maybe even some white to sniff
It ain’t a cat nap, but I’m sure it have you lying stiff
Try it kids, Vicodins and Flintstones vitamins
Get stoned and get home and lie about your righteousness
Nah I’m serious, in fact I seen God today
We had a deep discussion over Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay
A bird caught my attention, I chased her and lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Capital Steez - Vibe Ratings lyrics download mp3 she got away
Now I’m left with pennies and I had to learn chords Capital Steez - Vibe Ratings lyrics lyrics the harder way
That’s a fowl shot and I ain’t even get to score
Just memories that always end in me gettin’
But that’s the past, I don’t ponder on it anymore
Represents a metaphor of me
Closing a mental door
Au revoir Simone, sad songs when I’m alone
And nowaday my heart beats to this metronome
And my heart’s beat is waiting for a recollective poem
And a calm rhythm that resembles home, I’m gone

They say sound is vibration and it got my mind shaking
Can you feel it vibrating?
I call it vibe ratings

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